Hydrogen Water Footbath

While you enjoy a foot bath that relieves of daily fatigue, sterilization water is sprayed between the toes to treat athlete’s foot. This safe foot not just relieves the symptoms, but rather, sterilizes 99.9% of bacteria causing athlete’s foot such as mycete, trichophyton, candida, etc., without the concern of side effects or skin damages.

Model GR-1600
Rated voltage DC 24V 2.5A
Power consumption 48W
Weight 2kg
Size 400x490x200(mm)

The appearance, specification, and function may change to improve the quality of the product without prior notice.

Hydrogen Water Footbath

Nano bubbles is generated by electrolyzing ordinary water into particles of smaller than 6 micron in diameter. It is a hazy bubble and too tiny to see with eyes. Nano bubble is much smaller than the size of hair follicle(25 micron) and has outstanding effects for skin beauty and improving skin disease by penetrating into pore to sterilize, remove waste and dead skin cells and supply oxygen and moisture.

  • Function

    • Automatic temperature control
    • Massaging function
    • Acupressure function
  • Comport

    • Snuggly fits foot
    • Appropriate height
    • Slope for comfortable feet
  • Safety

    • Automatic circuit breaker
    • Water level detection
    • Soft design
  • Convinience

    • Easy to move and store
    • Easy draining
    • Easy control

Comparison of athlete’s foot treating devices

Category Sterilization Effects on Body Details Remarks
Ultrasonic waves X No A system which separates germs Vibration of at least 1 million per second 1MHz -> 3LOT/㎠
Low frequency X No Relief of itching sensation with low frequency Low frequency (1~1200Hz)
UV ray Partial Yes Partial sterilization is available using UV rays but has side effects such as skin damage and skin cancer 250~260 nano meter / Essential to wear UV ray / Preventive glasses
Far infrared ray X No Relief of itching from athlete’s foot by heat effect Far infrared ray 5.6 ~ 1000(micron)
Hydrogen Water O No 99.9% sterilization of bacteria that cause athlete’s foot such as mycete, trichophyton, candida etc. No side effects such as skin damage OH- (Hydroxyl group)
H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide)
HOCL (Hypochlorous acid)
O- (oxygen anion)